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I’m a 28 year old student of the University of Bamberg. After studying information systems I decided to take a second degree in economics and business education. I’ve been spending six month in Malaysia, doing an internship for Siemens. I have set up this blog to keep in touch with my friends in Germany. This blog is not only meant to purpose for one-way communication, but also to discuss and talk! So feel free to comment and talk about everything. I will use the blog as a diary, and supply daily reports on what is happening in my life.

I also installed an image gallery to give you picture coverage. I will always try to get links between posts and pictures. Since pictures might take a little longer, or will get shot afterwards, it might be worth looking back through my posts from time to time to check whether there are some updates.

Now have fun reading my blog, and be invited, to use comments on this post to leave me some greetings :-)


  1. Added About-Page

    The Link above "About" is working now. Could have had the idea to link a blog-post with the relevant information before.. thx to Sebastian for editing my template (don't have ftp-access through the Siemens Network ). You can use the comments on

  2. Link Tip for Internship in Malaysia / Updated Blog-Listing.

    HR's Big Project is finally alive. Visit the Malaysian Siemens Young Talents Portal here. So if you are interested in an internship at Siemens Malaysia, this is the place to apply!I also updated my list of Blogs of friends here. Jan's Site changed, and I


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  1. silentsoliloquy says:

    *Ooh.. foreigner. I'm gonna be a foreigner in a month.. Meadville, PA is the destination. Allegheny College, here comes 4 years of hell!

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Well.. Looks a little remote, but I think it can be a nice place. You might want to have a look at the blog of my friend Kristina Reetz (go to Blogs of Friends), who was at the Appstate University in NC (which is also quite remote). But coming from a world metropole this could be a problem. You are from KL?



  3. silentsoliloquy says:

    *I'm from Alor Star actually. ;-) Way north, dude.

  4. Alvin Monteiro says:

    *Great and wonderful blog here, haven't really get a chance to read everything but will try when i have the time. Didn't get to know you better during my short stint in Essence. Well... just to refresh your mind, i was there for 3 weeks. ;-)

    Best wishes,

  5. silentsoliloquy says:

    *Will let my socio-religious side come out for this one (check out the link!).. was just reading a book bout John Wesley's life... apparently Oxford "did nothing good but turn him from holiness into a sinner..." Which is good! What kind of REAL priest/pastor doesn't know nuts about the world? <strong>sigh</strong>

  6. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *I'm sorry Alvin, i can't allocate a face to your name right now. But Essence is quite big, and I only know a few people there. I really appreciate that you like my blog :-)



  7. Alvin Monteiro says:

    *it's ok, i was there just for 3 weeks ;-)

  8. ELA says:

    *Tolle Seite,sehr interessant.Ps.Danke fur link von Chatgesprach :-)

  9. Phil says:

    *wäry gud
    Ei laike uhr paitsch wäry matsch
    kiep se gud wörk ap duut!
    si ju in bämbörg

  10. Conni says:

    *Hey Jay,
    ich bin immer regelmäßig auf dieser Seite. Aber ich gucke mir meistens nur die Bilder von der Doro an. xD
    Und wie wars bei meiner Schwester in Erlangen? Ich habe gehört das Essen war nicht so der Hit?
    liebe grüße von der lieben Conni.
    p.s. ich soll ja eigendlich zu dir jürgen sagen. aber naja...

  11. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Hallo Conni, lass es mich ganz einfach so formulieren "Ich lege keinen besonderen Wert darauf Jay genannt zu werden", machen tun es trotzdem genug Leute... aber das ist ein anderes Thema. Das Essen in Erlangen fand ich sehr gut, weiß nicht, was Du da Gegenteiliges gehört hast. Werd mich dann mal anstrengen, damit Du auch Bildernachschub von Doro betrachten kannst ;-)



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